LEGO Little Free Library

July 3, 2020

LEGOS!! Instantly recognizable and uniquely inspirational. Like a bag of potato chips, connecting one brick to another is too satisfying to not continue until your mom says it’s time to put them away. But let’s face it. Parents can’t resist watching a child’s inner engineer come to life. Thus is the beauty of these elegantly ergonomic plastic pieces.


We would like to introduce our monument to the spirit of imagination and nostalgia embodied in LEGOS with our own LEGO LITTLE LIBRARY. Consisting of over 2,500 pieces from all over the world, the library is a to scale replica of MaMere’s Guest House. Some of the details of our historic house can be found in scaled down rocking chairs, roses, clawfoot tubs and porch lights. Every staff member and a few of our friends who stay with us frequently have their own lego mini figure lookalike.


Having been inspired by a childhood of reading and building, a Lego reality show (LEGO masters) and convention, and a lovingly pestering Uncle John, I set out on the 8 month endeavor of sorting and building. Structurally speaking the library is no anomaly of architecture. The bricks generally lay on top of each other in the classic sense. However, there are a few nuances of the house that called for a few special techniques. After watching the LEGO reality show (with Will Arnett), I was introduced to the SNOT (Studs Not On Top) technique. If you are a LEGO connoisseur you likely know about this dimension expanding style. This was employed on the scalloped siding and some windows and artwork. You will also find some technic pieces used for the rocking chairs and arbor that make this a full LEGO universe project. My fingers are crossed that the legend Phil Swift’s liquid flex seal will seal the cracks in the LEGOS and protect the library from the elements.


But wait.... There’s more! Because LEGO makes it so easy to fuse different universes together, we’ve taken some creative liberties and added a few details that will have you doing a double take. We don’t want to spoil too much of the fun before you visit so read on to find our scavenger hunt that hangs beneath the library. The scavenger hunt changes every month so be sure to stop by later and see what new visitors have come to our LEGO Little Library!


As a bonus you’ll find a few more easter eggs as you open the door to pick your book. Happy reading and building!!!


Find our Little Free Library and some from our friends in the neighborhood on the map here:
Search for our charter number: 104484 or zip code: 97361


Check out our featured article in the Polk County Itemizer!: New (little) library open for business


We’ve just entered month 2 for our cyclical scavenger hunt! Swing by for our July USA themed hunt!


-Eli (assistant innkeeper)





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